Monday, March 26, 2018


This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Vegan Goes Mainstream dinner at Revolver Hamtramck. Chef Jay Gundy (of Red Dunn Kitchen) and vegan cheese maven, Katie Coon, collaborated on the menu, and they did not disappoint!

It was so inspiring to see people of all walks, and every variety of dietary preference, come together to experience the magic of this six course vegan meal. I personally think that a beautiful meal is the best way to open someones mind to plant based eating, and Chefs Jay and Katie did just that. I overheard one guest mention that this was their first ever vegan meal and how pleasantly surprised they were. Such a win!

I'm so excited to share their inspiring creativity with everyone who wasn't able to make it out. I certainly hope the demand means more vegan Revolver takeovers in the future!

 The space itself is unpretentious, but inviting, just as is the staff themselves. It was such a relief to have a more 'fine dining' experience, without the stuffy pretense.

The first course was a spicy ginger turmeric potato soup, with kale and coconut milk. It was divine. The perfect balance of sweetness and heat. Just enough to excite your palate and get you revved up for the courses to come.

Second course was an herbaceous baked cashew cheese. Katie Coon really has mastered the art of vegan cheese, and this course perfectly displayed that. Everyone around my was scraping their plates to get the last of this cheesy goodness.

Third course was the polenta lasagna stack. This was a favorite among my stablemates. Super yummy, and great for people who might not be used to stepping outside the culinary box. Familiar, comforting flavors, executed expertly.

Course number four was my mom's favorite, dill havarti stuffed piquillo peppers. This was surprising to both of us, because neither of us particularly care for dill. However, the flavors on this dish were exceptionally balanced, and the shiitake bacon was out of this world.

The fifth course was my personal favorite of the evening, twice baked sweet potato with spicy peanut tofu and chimichurri. The flavors on this dish were next level. It packed so much punch, but at the same time gave a bit of reprieve from all of the super rich cheese courses. I loved this so much and wish I could eat it every day.

The dessert course was an ultra decadent dark chocolate avocado mousse with fresh berries. Chocolate and raspberry are one of my all time favorite combos, so this was an automatic win for me. The mousse was so rich and creamy, you'd never miss the dairy at all.

Overall, this was such a wonderful experience. Chefs Jay and Katie were so gracious and humble, it was a pleasure to speak with them after the meal. I hope we see more from them soon, as it would be such a shame to let this only be a 4 day run!


  1. Replies
    1. It really was a fantastic meal. I hope they offer more vegan options in the future because I'd love to go again!

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