Thursday, December 21, 2017


Last winter my mom and I started the tradition of having a 'Christmas Dinner' at Parc, in Campus Martius. It really is an especially magical experience during the holidays. Request a table at the window, so you can admire the Christmas tree and ice skaters while you eat.

This year before our reservation, I was sure to check the menu for options, as I wasn't able to find much info by way of yelp or tripadvisor. I thought I'd share what I had, as well as other options available!


No such luck here. None of the appetizers are vegan or can be veganized.


The Parc Lentil Soup can be made vegan, just ask for no yogurt topping.


The Chop Salad
The Chop Salad is AMAZING. I could eat this all day every day. According to the menu it is vegan, but our waiter confirmed I wanted 'no cheese' so perhaps that's something they add as a finish. I'd ask for no cheese, just to be safe.

The Parc Market Salad can be made vegan by subbing the buttermilk dressing for the mustard vinaigrette. Again, I would ask about cheese.

Pasta are currently the only vegan/vegetarian entree options at Parc.

The Vegetable Ragout made with bucatini pasta
The Pappardelle Vegetable Ragout can be made vegan by swapping either the bucatini or spaghettini for the pappardelle (which contains eggs) and asking for no cheese. This is what I had for dinner, it was amazing!

The Spaghettini can also be made vegan by asking for no pecorino topping. I had this on a previous visit. It is also delicious, but adequately spicy - so beware if you're sensitive!

All side except the potato puree can be veganized. 

The Roasted Vegetables can be made vegan by requesting that they are cooked in oil instead of butter, and to leave off the yogurt.

The Wild and Local Mushrooms can be made vegan by asking that they are cooked in oil intead of butter.

The Yukon Gold Wedges are vegan without the garlic aioli.

The Broccolini is vegan.


Sadly, Parc currently offers no vegan dessert options.

While they don't have a huge amount of vegan offerings, they are very much willing to accomodate however they can (without making it a big deal - yay!). Our waiter was great in covering the menu with me and making suggestions. JUST GIVE ME SOME DAIRY/EGG FREE CHOCOLATE, THAT'S ALL I ASK FOR PEOPLE!!!


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