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Our second night in Paris extended into the morning of our third day, and thus Sunday was a bit of a late start. We met up with Trent in his neighborhood, Belleville, for a late brunch (they have an affordable yet abundant pre-fixe option) at Moncouer. If you're visiting Paris in the warmer months, I would definitely suggest stopping by Moncouer for a casual meal, coffee, or apero on their terrace. The cafe is perched atop the hilly and picturesque Parc de Belleville. From right outside the cafe you have an unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower, so eating al fresco on a nice day is even more lovely.

After brunch, we strolled north through Belleville, up to Parc des Buttes Chaumont. I would say Buttes Chaumont is akin to a more manageably sized Central Park. It's a large, public green space with rolling hills, mature trees, a "lake" (if you are from Michigan like me, it's probably more akin to a pond), cafes, and even a theater. It's the perfect spot to pack a baguette, some cheese and a bottle of wine and camp out for a few hours.

Located on the southeast corner of the park is Rosa Bonheur, a casual bar with a killer terrace, and an even better view of the park. On Sunday evenings Rosa becomes a 'gay church' (the most fun church I've been to), where the beautiful people (gay and otherwise) come to see and be seen. After enjoying Sunset and pastis on the terrace, everyone heads inside to dance the night away to the very best of 90's pop (perk of being an american: everyone adores the girl who knows every word to the music - bonus points if you know your french Celine).

Insider tip: at 3:30pm they put up a barrier, and anyone not already on the terrace has to wait in line, and trust me, the line gets SERIOUSLY long. I don't know about you, but I'm not fond of waiting for much of anything, so get there on time and save yourself the wait. It's worth it.

sunglasses are Celine, necklace from Zieben Mare

camisole is from The Kooples and shorts are AG

After closing down RBH down at midnight, we caught an UBER to Pigalle for a nightcap at Glass. If you are not a confident french speaker, please do yourself a favor and have someone translate the drink menu for you. My ango-pride lead me to choking down a seaweed infused, buttermilk and gin drink (seriously). Completely my own fault - the spot itself was cool, and the staff was friendly.

Monday evening we were scheduled to fly to the south of France for a few days, but that wasn't going to stop us from squeezing as much as we could out of the day! 
"Everyone thinks Tom Ford is cool (even Jesus)" So true girl. 
First stop was Rue Saint Honore for some shopping (that I probably couldn't afford to be doing, but 'when in Rome'...). If you do any shopping on Rue Saint Honore during your visit, be sure to stop by the newly renovated Saint Laurent store. The space is absolutely gorgeous, and the people working there were so fun! The champagne didn't hurt either. 

It was a should I/shouldn't I moment. I did.

Hermes is always a must, and while the Rue Saint Honore is the flagship store (and very beautiful) definitely make a point to visit the Saint Germain location for even more unbelievable architecture, and (I think) a better selection of product.

Tucked away slightly off the street, we found Rose Desgranes, a teeny-tiny, but super sweet perfumerie. The storefront had been there (in one iteration, or another) since the 1940's, and has quite a lovely story behind it (you can read more here). It was the serene courtyard that drew me in, and the store was a lovely surprise. I would definitely recommend stopping in. 

top is Who What Wear Collection, Skirt is Zara, Shoes are Target (!!!), bag is vintage Chanel

new sunnies are Saint Laurent

From Rue Saint Honore, we walked the Champs-Elysees all the way down to the Louvre. Being such a nice day it was a really lovely, relaxing walk. Along the Champs-Elysees you'll find the Elysee Palace (the official residence of the President of France dating back to 1848), the Nouvelle France Gardens, and the US Embassy. Just before the Jardin des Tuileries, you'll hit the Place de la Concorde (where all those beheadings used to take place - eep), where you can see the Fontaine de Fleuves and the Obelisque de Louxor. Phew! I feel accomplished just typing it. 

Fontaine de Fleuves

Obelisque de Louxor
Next, you'll enter the Jardin des Tuileries - don't be scared off by the flocks of tourists and vendors, it's worth the visit. 

From the Bassin Octogonal you get a great view of the Eiffel Tower. 

Take these stairs up for the photo op above :)

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel
Just past the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel and you've reached the Pyramide du Louvre!

Pyramide du Louvre
While it was a bit out of the way, we wanted to hit Season for lunch (you've probably seen their famous avocado toast on Instagram). Boy was it worth it. I know that given enough effort it is in fact possible to eat completely plant based anywhere, but let me tell you, France is TOUGH. Season makes some amazing plant based options (GET THE FREAKING FALAFEL), and I heard my entire body audibly exhale after getting some actual nutrients, after days of baguettes and cheese.

After inhaling our lunch, we sprinted back to the hotel to grab our bags and head to ORLY for our flight to Perpignan. More on that soon!

xx Kellie

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