Sunday, April 30, 2017


I have to say, I've never quite understood all the hype around Starbucks. I give their marketing team credit though, the world is in a tizzy over this new Unicorn Frappuccino. I've seen the whole range of emotions on my Facebook feed this week, from "OMG - finally got to try the new Unicorn Frappuccino!" to "OMG - went to Starbucks and they were sold out of the Unicorn Frappuccino! Can you even believe it?!". Meanwhile, I'm over here like "OMG! I cannot believe you would put that junk into your body!!!".

That being said, I didn't want to be left behind in the unicorn dust! So I thought, why not take this opportunity to improve a bit on what Starbucks is doing, and make a healthy alternative?

Yes, healthy - whilst still remaining hot pink and neon blue. I like a good challenge! That's how I came up with this bad boy. I invite you to join me on this magical journey and make your own Kind Unicorn!

Friday, April 28, 2017


I recently bought my first home, a charming mid-century ranch in a small neighborhood outside of Detroit. Well, "charming" is being generous - at least initially. I believe the first words I uttered upon entering for the first time were, "oh, hell no". My realtor actually had to force me walk through after I insisted it wasn't worth our time.

At that point I'd been looking for a house on and off for about three years. SUCH, a process. I do not envy anyone trying to buy a house in this market. The disappointment, the heartbreak. It's like watching every episode of This Is Us, back to back! I put in so many offers, lost out on so many houses - I was about ready to throw in the towel and just succumb once again to the world of rentals. Thankfully, I persisted. 

Now something you should know about me, I fancy myself a bit of an amateur interior designer. Yeah guys, I read design blogs (hello, Jenny, Amber, JessicaErin, Mat and Brandon) AND subscribe to Elle Decor (no bigs). So my dream scenario was to find my very own fixer upper (hey, Chip and Jojo!), and once I got past the initial scent of my (then future) house, I realized this might just be it! And being way under budget, it gave me room to get creative and update the things that were not only important to me, but also absolutely necessary in a house of this state,

So, after a couple months of back and forth, crossing T's and dotting I's etc. - she was mine! And as you do with anything you love, I promptly began to rip her apart and put her back together the way I wanted. 

The most important part of a home for me is, hands down, the kitchen. I love to entertain and cook, so having an open and inviting kitchen is crucial - it's where the fun happens! Unfortunately, open and inviting is everything this kitchen was not. Luckily, with some vision and a lot of hard work by an awesome crew, my dream kitchen came to life! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Having lived in Chicago for nearly 5 years, I have serious love for the city and my closest friends that still live there. Lucky for me, it's just a quick 45 minute flight, and we're reunited.

my babes.
I've made a few trips to the city already in 2017, and will be back next month to see Hamilton (YESSSS) - so I thought I'd post about a few noteworthy and favorite food and drink spots in the city. These are the perfect haunts for your weekend getaway.

best intentions, logan square.
Bad Hunter 

Bad Hunter is a recently opened, veg-forward restaurant in the West Loop. It's located on Randolph St. and is neighbors with other more well established hot spots like Au Cheval and Girl and the Goat.

off the shoulder top - zara, suede pants - j brand, mules - misguided, bag - céline, bracelet - hermes 

Sunday, April 9, 2017


I recently spent a quick weekend in Orlando for a family wedding. I thought I'd share some cool spots I found during my trip and all the wedding festivities!

I'm such a sucker for Spanish moss. Swoon.
I stayed with family in the Thornton Park neighborhood of downtown Orlando. When visiting a new city, it's so nice to stay in a neighborhood that has fun spots in walking distance. Thornton Park is a really charming little neighborhood, centered on Lake Eola. The "lake" is more of a pond by Michigan standards (sorry, Floridians), but it's still a pretty place to explore. There is walking path around the entire lake, making it a great spot to get in your morning run (or stroll, if you are like me).

Lake Eola. 

sweet little note found on my walk around the lake.
On the weekends, I'm told they typically they have farmer's market set up, but the weekend I was visiting there was a street fair going on.

I enjoyed just walking around and admiring all the sweet homes in the hood. I could definitely feel comfortable inhabiting this bad boy. Hello, porches and palms!!!

Keep reading for a few notable places worth visiting:

Friday, April 7, 2017

BCS Pt.3: San Jose del Cabo

Typically on our trips to BCS, we spend our last couple of nights somewhere in San Jose del Cabo. We leave Rancho kicking and screaming, but it's REALLY nice not to have to tackle an hour plus drive to the airport on the day of departure.

I'll admit, I've been somewhat ruined to big, chain resorts. It's really hard to beat the unique, personal feel you get at boutique property. That being said - Cabo, while definitely leaning more towards the touristy side, does have gorgeous beaches and sunsets, plus it's hard to beat the proximity to the airport (most resorts in the San Jose area are only about 15-20 minutes from the airport).

In the past, we've stayed at both the Hilton Los Cabos (unreal sunsets and a pristine white beach), and the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos (super fun kiddy pool and expansive breakfast buffet with lots of veg options) and both were perfectly nice, clean and conveniently located spots.

breathtaking sunset from our balcony at the Hilton Los Cabos. 
This trip, we actually took advantage of our time in San Jose, and explored the area more than past years.

One place I had wanted to go for a while, but had never made it to, is Flora Farms. With the help of our dearest friend Danny, we were able to snag a last minute reservation for dinner (be sure to call way in advance, reservations book months out). Per the advice of their site, we arrived about an hour early to explore the property. This is something I would highly recommend! FF is so much more than just a restaurant. This hidden gem is set back in the foothills, the drive there is a little tricky, but don't be discouraged - it's totally worth it!

Grab a glass of wine at El Wine Bar and peruse the charming shops. The farm itself an organic produce shop, James Perse has a pop up shop, Santo Cabo an awesome natural skin care line (they'll be featured in my April Beauty Buys video later is month!) has a storefront, and there is a handful of other unique vendors to visit as well.

Romper, Keepsake the Label.

Shoes, Joie. Bag, Louis Vuitton.

sunset at Flora Farms.

Duster, Naked Wardrobe. 

putting an olive tree in my house, STAT.

The restaurant itself is just magical. Twinkle lights galore, live music, delicious food and wine (in the middle of a garden?!) - you just might mistake it for heaven.

Seriously, you have to visit Flora Farms. It's not an option. I will be really mad if you don't. Don't you think it's rude to just ignore my suggestions?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

BCS Pt. 2: Todos Santos

One of the best parts of our trip to BCS is exploring the town of Todos Santos. Just a short drive up the highway from Rancho Pescadero, downtown (if you can really call it that) Todos Santos is a charming place to spend the day. Full of colorful architecture, quaint shops and gorgeous art galleries, there is something for everyone. Every year I go back and discover different things I hadn't noticed the year prior.

Taking in some sun at the Jill Logan Galeria.
The Jill Logan Galeria is a must see. Not only is the artwork beautiful, but the gallery space itself is so quintessentially Baja. Jill herself is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and is happy to share about her artwork as well as the work of other local artists that she displays.

Outfit Details:

Sunglasses - Céline ZZ-Top
Bag - Céline Trio
Turquoise Necklace, Alanna Bess Jewelry
Bodysuit - Zara, similar here
Short - 7 For All Mankind, similar here
Sandals - French Connection Kristen